Swing-set log turners have been upgraded with a 3 ton super duty hydraulic lift. The steel plate ski base is wider and buttressed. Turners increase lumber grade and recovery. Set up in minutes. Place turners between the log bunks and leave in place during sawing. Once the log is on the bunks, log turners raise the log, then a Cant Hook/Peavy is used to turn the log to get the best face up. Lower log back onto the bunks, dog it and saw!

The turners now have larger heavy duty 8” casters on the standard head for smoother operation. The new optional DOALL, #80 roller chain on sprocket head log turner will handle rough logs, also square cants on manual bandmills. Log turners are not supplied with a handled towhook. (See slideshow.)

Coming soon...a winch assist for the log turner! It's a bracket that slips into the bunk head, locks quickly and you can roll/turn the logs without a Peavy. Sawyer will supply winch of his choice. We use a Dutton-Lainson 2000# capacity (free wheeling). Fulton makes a great winch with a clutch for free wheeling.

Standard 8" caster log turner:
$890.00 each

DOALL Chain on sprocket log turner:
$1210.00 each

Crating per log turner: $25.00 each

Sawdust ponchos included in price.