The new improved Swing-Set sawmill support equipment now has wrench-free adjustment with rubber coated star knobs (great in cold weather) and Kipp, German quality, ratchet adjustable clamping levers on the traversing heads. The Stabila, German quality levels in a steel housing on traverse heads (not shown - see slideshow) will help maintain intersects when double cutting and traversing to compensate for taper.

The Swing-Set log bunk system is modular for portability and easy set up.

Each log bunk set is supplied with improved standard log dogs and one dog driver. Optional large log dogs available for sawing logs over 20" in diameter.

Optional squaring arms now available. Great for controlling logs when rolling onto bunks and for holding squared cants or logs for redogging when making tapered/faceted columns, beams or mast stock.

Traversing head single log bunk 36" beam: $1250 each

Squaring arms: $180/pair

Crating per bunk: $25 each